Neftegaz – Razvitie is a company which produces technological equipment for oil production, chemical and energy industries. The product line includes tanks, reservoirs and other containers.

Tanks and reservoirs usually represent a steel cylinder containers. They are intended for storage, transportation of different substances, as well as for chemical and thermal processes.

Neftegaz – Razvitie produces: horizontal steel reservoirs underground tanks, pressurized containers, special vessels. Equipment produced conforms to GOST and TU 3615-003-24407019-2016. We produce tanks and reservoirs, widely used in various processes in the chemical, oil and gas industries, as well as in other industries.

Horizontal Steel Tanks (HST)

The horizontal tanks are designed for internal pressure up to 0.07 MPa, and have conical or flat bottom. The horizontal tanks are mounted on the supports made of concrete or metal. The horizontal steel tanks are used in a wide variety of appliances, such as chemical, power, oil production and processing, and food industry.

Buried tanks

The EP (unheated) and EPP (heated) underground drain tanks are designed for storing the residue of crude and processed oil products, gasoline, diesel fuel, wastewater drained from pipelines. These containers also allow to store condensation substances, harsh chemicals, including those mixed with water.

The tanks are manufactured in accordance with the standards for welded steel vessels and devices. Their production technology fully conforms the regulations, and the finished products have the certificate of conformity to the Russian standards.

LHCG reservoirs

The above- and underground LHCG storage tanks are used to store the liquefied hydrocarbon gas in an autonomous gas supply system, as part of boiler plants (in fuel handling facilities), in the gas dispensing and distribution stations, gas production, processing and transportation enterprises. The above-ground tanks can be used under the temperatures of –40oC or higher, and under the pressure up to 1.6 MPa. Apart from propane, butane and propane/butane mixtures, these tanks can store other gases, which have vapor pressure which doesn’t exceed that of the propane.