“Neftegaz – Razvitie” delivers the equipment to the customer agreed destinations by any means of transport and to any region of the Russian Federation, the countries of near and far abroad. A structural subdivision of the company responsible for logistics, organises the delivery in various ways. For any questions related to delivery you can contact a specialist responsible for working with your organisation. For our regular clients we have a special delivery terms conditions, including delivery at our expense.

Delivery by truck: is usable and convenient for transporting the goods through Russia and nearest and European countries. The carriage is performed by company accredited tractors, European standard trucks and trailers, as well as by transport companies, e.g. Autotrading, PEK, Baikal-Servis, Zheldorekspeditsiya, Delovye Linii, RATEK. Delivery price starts from 400 rub. For more precise calculation you can visit the above sites of the partners, or contact our experts. To do this you need to know the volume and weight of the supposed cargo.

Delivery by rail: convenient for transport over long distances. Availability of railway delivery is essential if you need to ship heavy and bulky equipment, Possibility of delivery by railway transport is especially important when sending of heavy and bulky goods, when the height and width exceeds the values permissible for transportation by public roads.  On shipping by rail, “Neftegaz – Razvitie” operates with direct contracts signed with delivery companies, so the shipping price will be the most optimal.

Delivery by air: allows to deliver the goods to a destination anywhere in the world within the shortest possible time. However, the cost of delivery in this case significantly increases. The volume and weight of the cargo affects the price the most.

Delivery by marine and inland water transport: mainly from far foreign countries. The most popular destinations are China, South America, North America, Cuba. In Russia the binding goes to the ports of Vladivostok, Novorossiysk, Murmansk and St. Petersburg. Also, in some cases it is essential to use barges and ferries on the rivers within the Russian Federation. This is due to the absence of railways and year-round highways in some regions.

Import and export of the cargo: “Neftegaz – Razvitie” will bear all risks and all customs procedures related to the import and export of goods. That’s why our customers don’t need to worry about the speed and reliability of this kind of transport.