About "Neftegaz – Razvitie"

Industrial engineering company Neftegaz – Razvitie was established to integrate the industrial, intellectual and financial resources to develop new technical solutions, produce high-tech products and provide the fuel and industrial enterprises in Russia and abroad. Neftegaz – Razvitie LLC produces and supplies its products for oil and gas and industrial enterprises of Russia and CIS: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Mongolia. Reliability and responsibility for the work are the basic values of our company.

The company is located in the regional center of the Saratov region, in the city of Saratov. It should be noted that Saratov is one of the centers of production of the industrial and unique goods and high-tech development since the 1950s. Here are the leading defence and industrial enterprises, as well as major design and research institutes working for the oil and gas production and processing, and the chemical industry. In addition, Saratov is located at a convenient geographical crossroads of major transport routes between the central part of the Russian Federation and the Siberian and far East region. A significant part of the trade turnover between Russia and Kazakhstan goes through the Saratov region.

The main profiles of Neftegaz – Razvitie are:

  • Production of packaged equipment: reagent metering units, pumping metering facilities, packaged pumping stations, manifold units. This equipment is used for the following tasks:

    • Chemicalization of the extraction processes, transport and storage of oil and gas (de-emulsification, inhibition against corrosion, wax and hydrate accumulation, flow processing of oil and derivatives by drag reducing agents. Odorization of natural gas)

    • Production of chemical and petrochemical products (constant discharge of reactants)

    • Water treatment for TPPs, condenser-type TPPs, water utilities and public needs (water coagulation, demineralization)

  • Switchboard equipment production: automation and control cabinets, main switchboards (MSBs), DC power distribution cabinets and input and distribution MCC rooms

  • Development of technical solutions and delivery of the oil and gas production system equipment

  • Selection, supply and maintenance of pumps for any substances at the oil, gas, mining and chemical enterprises

As our regular partners, we have companies working in oil and gas production, storage and transportation, chemical and energy industries. Cooperating with such enterprises imply the highest responsibility for the quality and the terms of delivery of the equipment and its qualified selection according the customer’s specific requirements. Actually, the price of a failure is very high: for example, in the oil industry, if one of the technical elements of the oil and gas extraction system fails, it leads to large expenses due to production downtime and repairs.

Neftegaz-Razvitie provides the most reliable products by producing high-quality components, working with the cutting-edge equipment and in compliance with all industrial technical regulations. Production and engineering staff is highly qualified and all required permits and licenses. Some projects used in the production of the equipment for dosing are unique. The style and quality of the company are easily recognizable because of the high technical performance and quality are a rare combination.

Our staff consists of specialists with higher specialized education, and goes through additional training and advanced courses. Each stage, from the receipt of the order until the delivery commissioning of the equipment, is controlled by working regulations of our company which provide the highest reliability and promptness of the actions while working with Neftegaz – Razvitie.

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